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移動通訊應用技術的發展及智能終端用戶的激增,使移動通訊網與互聯網應用得以融合,亦為移動應用提供了價值巨大的營銷土壤。2012年以來,中國智能設備用戶呈爆炸式增長,目前中國已成為全球最大的APP市場。數據顯示,2017年全球APP商店、APP內廣告和移動商務帶來的消費額中,中國用戶貢獻了總額的1/4;而Shopbop, VSCO, Airbnb等在中國的走紅,表明中國用戶愈發有意願接觸、下載優質APP,並在其中投入時間、增加消費。


優質的產品需要被知道 (APP is more than launch),如何進行營銷推廣是每個應用發行方都需要思考的議題。應用商店是進行移動APP營銷的重要平台,但據統計,應用商店每月平均會推出數萬款移動應用,而在中國最大的第三方安卓應用商店——360手機助手中,一周內新增的移動應用更達到8000余款,競爭激烈之程度可見一斑。本次工作坊中,我們的資深營銷專家將解答移動APP在進入中國市場時,應如何理清營銷脈絡、整合營銷資源,藉助大數據精準定位受眾群體,在競爭激烈的應用商店中脫穎而出,提升知名度與下載量,挖掘市場潛力。

The development of mobile communication application technology and the boost of intelligent terminal users brought the merge of mobile Internet and Application, which created a platform with huge marketing potentials for Mobile Apps.

In China, the amount of intelligent device users exploded since 2012. Today, China has become world’s largest mobile APP market: data showed that Chinese users contributed 1/4 of the total income of global APP stores, in-APP ads and Mobile e-commerce. Shopbop, VSCO, Airbnb went viral in China also indicate that Chinese users are willing to download, engage and invest in high-quality APPs, from time to money.

Quality products need to be seen (APP is more than launch), and how to conduct marketing is an issue that every app developer needs to think about. App store is an essential platform for mobile app marketing, Statistics show that thousands of apps are launched in app stores every month. Whilst in 360 Mobile Assistant, the largest third-party Android app store in China, the number of apps newly added reaches more than 8,000. This is a very competitive market.


In this workshop, our senior marketing expert will answer how to clarify the context of Chinese market and integrate available resources, accurately targeting audiences with the help of big data, thus standing out from fiercely competitive app market, discovering the market potential with popularity and downloads.

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