The largest PC and Mobile Internet Security Provider in China

360 search engine has 35% market share in China and this figure continues to increase

360 also operates the largest Android market in China and is the No.1 web browser provider

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Large User Base
  • We Help You to Reach Billion 360 Users across PC and Mobile Platforms

  • 360 Navigation – Daily click over 677 million times

  • 360 Search – 380 million PC users, daily search over 750 million times

  • 360 Mobile Assistant – 799 million users, the largest Android market in China

No.1 Online Advertising Solution in China
  • Big Data Analytics Tool Shangyi + Dianjing Advertising Platform + Measurement Tool 360 Analytics

  • Help you to develop, execute, evaluate and utilize your marketing strategies

Big Data Analytics Tool
  • Help you to derive market insights from database

  • Multiple analytics models and highly customizable

Dianjing Advertising Platform
  • Easy to operate

  • Help you to display your ads to target audiences accurately and maximize the effectiveness

Measurement Tool 360 Analytics
  • Assist you in monitoring PV, UV and conversion from Dianjing for continuous utilization of your ads and marketing strategies